The Legends Vintage Car Club

began with a group of like-minded individuals interested in classic automobiles. They meet monthly to share information about restoration and their classic cars which are all beautifully restored and lovingly maintained. The Legends wanted to expand the idea of their club to include helping their community in any way possible.

Today, they are a non-profit organization contributing to many local hospitals and charities dedicated to assisting those in need. The Club raises money every year with various activities including the Car Show by the Sea and the LAPD Christmas Toy Drive.

Club Officers:
President- Benny D 'Aquanno
VP - Mark Tippett
Treasurer- Pat Califano
Secretary-Frank Colello
Sgt at Arms- Tony DiLeva 

Club Members:
Rudy Alba
Pat Califano
Frank Colello
Benny D'Aquanno
Javier DeAlba
Tony Di Leva
Ernie Garcia
Randy Gomez
Jim Hendrickson
Eric Johnson
Vince La Farga
Ryan Lance
Vince Lauro
David Lomelli
Rene Lopez
Pat Lopez
Ike Medina
Greg Miller
Jim Pandora
Hector Reyna
Lou Roupoli
Josh Roupoli
Ambrose Russo
Chris Sestich
Mark Tippett
Frank Villareal
Bill Viramontes
Chris Viramontes


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