Car of the Month

Rudy Alba’s 1952 Chevy Fleetline

RUDY Car of the Month.jpg

Rudy bought  his 1952 Chevy from a good and longtime friend, Don Kusar. The Chevy had a good base to start a restoration and the look he was going for was old San Pedro. Rudy grew up in San Pedro during the 1960s and these old classic cars are in his dreams and memories of times gone by. 

With the help from talented Legends member Mark Tippett, he started to transform the car to what you see today. Rudy is extremely thankful to Mark for working on his car and sharing very valuable knowledge and resources. George Caserma and Pat Califano are also individuals who helped with ideas and helped get  parts for the car. 

Rudy has received  many wonderful compliments on his car and is thankful to those who have helped him restore this old 52 Chevy. To this day the best compliment he has ever received was at his latest car show; a gentleman walked up to him and asked, “Is this your car?” Rudy responded with a yes. The man then responded with, “You have a nice short!”